Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper Ruffle Directions

When I stopped quilting, I became creative with scrapbooks and collecting paper. To me, paper was just a different texture of fabric. Tussie Mussies are fun to make and great to give as gifts. When making Tussie Mussies I wanted a ruffle across the top and I wanted it to look similar to what Mary Englebreit would make. My solution was to pleat some paper and make my own paper ruffle.

Directions to make a paper ruffle are as follows: For an 8" long ruffle, start with a 1 1/2" wide strip of paper 22" long. (I joined two 12" strips, overlapping where a fold would appear.
If you want a decorative edge on your ruffle, it should be cut before you fold your strip. Your fold marks will go on the back side of the strip, along the bottom, straight edge. Mark your strip at 7/8" - 3'8" - 7/8 - 3/8" (etc) intervals.
FOLD 1: Fold up and over so the front edge lays even with the top edge on the back side.
FOLD 2: Fold to the left so the front lays even with the top edge.
FOLD 3: Fold top back on line 3 so that only the back is showing.
FOLD 4: Fold so that the front sides are facing each other and the back side shows outside.

Continue folding your strip. After you do steps 1-4 a couple of times, it will get into a rhythm and be easier. Always keep the front and back top edges aligned as you fold. Then pinch your folds tightly and hand stitch or machine stitch along the long bottom edge. The top can then be fanned out but still stay together. The stitched edge will be hidden when you glue it to your craft or it can be topped by ric rac, trim or another strip of coordinated paper.

Soon, I will post instructions on how to make Tussie Mussies. All my handmade items are 'one of a kind' and I post freshly made new items several times a week at my shop: - Take a look and I would appreciate your comments

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ETSY -First Time to be Featured

Etsy and crafts....This week I have really been trying to learn how to market my Etsy shop. I joined a new Team: Wow! A ton of information. Not just information to fill pages, but GOOD information, easily read and understood. I have been trying to learn about SEO (search engine optimization). You know, I really don't want to learn all this stuff but I have found out that I don't want to have a shop loaded with really nice items- but I don't have many visitors- so learn I must.
My reward for preserving was opening my email this morning to find that I have an item featured on an Etsy Treasury...Please check out my item and the treasury at:
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This gets me excited and I want to reciprocate and do a Treasury featuring something from
Thanks Emakaye


Creating valentines can be fun! Creating the featured collage, I used pretty pink, wired ribbon that was rescued from a Christmas present package. I cut off the sparkly edge to edge the valentine image. Then I gathered the remaining edge of the cut ribbon to edge the top and bottom of the valentine image.

While shopping at Michaels after Christmas, I found this wonderful 2 1/2" wide PINK ribbon on sale, 70% off. The roll has 10 yards which I bought for $3. Wahoo!!
TIP...When checking sales, always look at the items with an 'out of the box' attitude. You'll be amazed at what you will find. Who would have thought to look for pink, polka-dot, sheer, sparkly, wired ribbon at Christmas?

Please let me know what crafts and tips you would like to read about on future blogs! And please check out my e-shop for more one of a kind Vintage Valentines and unique creations. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

Sally S Swift