Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Glitter Houses

Christmas and Crafts just seem to go together.
I have been collecting Glitter House photos, patterns, tutorials and cereal boxes for a LONG time.
Last week-end was the time to put them all to use when I had two of my grandchildren over to have a craft day. Emmett is 12, he admitted that he didn't think he was going to like making glitter Houses. Something about the word Glitter that made him think girly. Elise 8, on the other hand loves anything and everything that has glitter.

We all really got into it and in about 7 hours had made 5 houses. Emmett had the best time, making two. He wanted to come back on Monday, a holiday from school, and he made two more.

Emmett and I had  challenge to see how inventive we could be. He went out in the yard to find small sticks so he could make a wood pile next to his house...I put fluffs of cotton in my chimney.

He made a snowman out of clay...I made stepping stones out the door, in the snow. His fourth 'house' was a small castle that he made the pattern and did the entire 'house' by himself.
However, it doesn't count because he didn't put any glitter on it.
One of the best web sites for photos and patterns is:
As soon as I can photograph my houses (I made four houses and a church), I plan to put them on my etsy shop:
If you haven't tried makings these, I must warn you, they are addictive!
Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrift Store Bonanza

I recently rediscovered a local thrift store that sells their merchandise by the pound. Everything there is in disarray and piled in crates and bins. You really have to be a thrift store groupie to want to go there because it's dirty and the majority of people there would just as soon knock you over to get at items they want.

Well then, why on earth would I want to go...because I can get a buggy full of merchandise for pennies per item or the whole buggy full for less about $8.00

On one of my recent visits I remembered to take my camera so I could record my weekly shopping trip. Many items I have already sold on my Etsy shops or from a local Antiques and Uniques shop.
The bride's hat looked a bit sad but the lace was gorgeous when removed.
In the buggy were paper back books, a vintage tablecloth, a rustic tin pumpkin, a grapevine wreath and other items I can't remember besides the ones pictured below..

I have already sold the tea cups and vintage scales, left.

I have also sold the creamer, sugar, the slate heart, and the small brass frames, below.

If you like treasure hunting, check out your local thrift stores. Go to: Enter your zip code, city and state and they will list all the thrift shops in your area.
If you prefer to shop on-line – check out my three Etsy shops!
Just because Holloween is around the corner, I have a free download for you. Just right click, save to your computer and print. No tricks - just treats !



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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quilts wrap you in Love

Quilt no.1 is the first quilt I made in 1989. It is a Lap Quilt and I still love to be wrapped in it.

Quilt no.2 is a quilt my daughter Cathron made for me of my first two grandsons. My oldest grandson's hands are very dear to me as Stephen has gone home to be with the Lord. This quilt holds a lot of love.

Quilt no.3 is one I bought at an estate sale for $5.00. This corner is about the only part of the quilt that looks decent. I have it spilling out of an antique basket in a ceiling high area between my kitchen and dining room. It brings a warm, loving feel to my home.

Quilt no.4 is a lap quilt that my sister, 3 daughters, and 2 nieces each made a block to exchange with each other then we each made our squares into a lap quilt. Even though we all have the same 7 squares, each one looks different but all speak of our love for each other.

And lately I have been making tags and cards from old quilts.
These I have for sale on my allthingshomey.etsy shop. 

Also I have been making fabric swatch tags. The examples below are free for you to download and print.
Just click on the picture, then right click to download and save to your computer or print.

Thanks for stopping by!  Would love to read your comments!

Sally S Swift!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

May and Mothers Day

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown

Thinking of my mother .......she would have been 106 today if she were still alive. She has been gone for 17 years and I miss her terribly everyday. If she were here, I would like to ask her many questions that didn't seem important 20 or 30 years ago. She was a part of a rapidly changing history and I would love to know more about her personal history.
One thing I remember about my mother is that she never complained about anything - never! She lived through the depression, the Second World War, many moves, widowhood and the last two years coping with a stroke and dementia. Yet she never complained.

And I am also thinking of my three daughters and the tremendously great job they do as mothers to my 12 grandchildren. I am proud of each one and thank God for Blessing me with them. My quiver is full!

My Mother loved to read and in her honor I have created two bookmarks that you can download and print. They are 2" x 8.5",

Click on image to print or save to your computer. Original art may not be copied or sold.

Thanks for looking - I would love to read your comments! 
Happy Mothers Day!

Sally S Swift

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All nature praises the LORD

For over 10 years I have looked forward to the coming of Easter when I find evidence of nature praising God. The new growth of a particular pine tree, in Florida, shows it's praise in the form of crosses at the tips of each branch. It makes my heart want to join them in Praising the God who made all.
I have never been able to get close enough to take a picture. These are tall pine trees. This year I found some, not too tall, and I borrowed my daughter's camera and her son and we went picture taking. John-Thomas did an awesome job taking the picture in the above page. Then he selected the background paper and I did the rest of the page.
One of my favorite pages because it has been simmering in my heart for over 10 years. I hope you enjoy it.
Easter is all about new life. The new life that Jesus gives us through His blood shed on the cross and through our acceptence of his sacrifice to cover our sins.
New Life comes through the crosses on pine trees and also comes from chicks pecking out of their eggs. I have been decorating eggs at Easter for over 50 years. Two of the quail eggs on my tree are 50 years old. Some are over 40 years old and some are just days old.
Happy Resurrection Day to all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter baskets, Rabbits and Paper bags

Easter Baskets, Rabbits and Paper Bags!

Spring is in the air and I am feeling crafty again.  My daughter (Colette) and her family (husband and three children, ages 16, 14 and 10)  recently moved to New Zealand.  She called to ask if I could help with her Easter Basket dilemma.
Easter is quickly approaching and all of their furniture, belongings and Easter Baskets are in a container, on a slow boat - headed for New Zealand sometime in May.  Colette was looking on several craft sites and came across a paper bag turned into an Easter Basket. I thought this would be easy to make and easy to mail. Since greeting cards are expensive there, I also made 10 hand embossed cards and added them to the package. That's more crafting that I've done since my surgery in November. Feels good to be back creating again.   And you know I love buttons - so I added a few of those as well!
Hand made Easter Bag/Baskets!

Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in the patterns!  I have also added some cute Easter Rabbit down-loads to my Etsy store!  Happy Crafting and Happy Easter