Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrate? well.....

My last post I said I would celebrate when I had my first sale. I did have that sale this week and even though it was only for 6.00, I felt like celebrating. My celebrating came in the form of listing more items.
Then a Blessed friend of old gave me a big box of buttons...lots of butons. There was a grocery receipt in the bag with a date of 1996 but I believe the buttons are older than that. They are all on cards and must have been bought when a store was closing. Many of the buttons would make great earrings so I will probably post them as supplies for jewelery making. My granddaughter Elise (6) and I had so much fun going through them, combining matches and bagging them according to style or color.
While I love 'all things homey', my house looks like a hurricane struck it. All kinds of stuff sitting around waiting to be photographed and listed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My shop at ETSY

With the economy going in the direction of -down- and my Social Security check getting smaller each year I wanted to find a source to make some extra income. After a bit of research, I decided to open a shop on It is a site where you sell Vintage, Handmade or supplies...and I hsve a ton of Vintage - and supplies.
My first attempt to list something on my shop page, was discouraging and frustrating. I am not a techi and I don't want to be but I have learned a few things with PSE7. I was frustrated because I couldn't get the photos to come out without being blurry. I searched and researched Etsy to find some help but found only a little. Daughter, Colette and her husband to the rescue. Warren gave me a different pixel to use than one I was using and I found the 'sharpen image' on my PSE7 so that took care of the photo problem.
After I had downloaded a couple of items for sale, I realized that I needed to find a way to market my store. The only thing I hate worse than Techi stuff is Marketing!
Colette to the rescue again. She offered to do it for me, so now she is my Marketing Chief Executive.
I had prayed and prayed through my frustration and Sunday, I felt God was giving me a Word. 'Take heart - it will come to pass.'
Yesterday, after church, I shot a whole bunch of photos and this morning I posted 7 items on Etsy.
Thank you all who have looked and commented. I am really going to celebrate when I have my first sale.