Monday, October 11, 2010

My shop at ETSY

With the economy going in the direction of -down- and my Social Security check getting smaller each year I wanted to find a source to make some extra income. After a bit of research, I decided to open a shop on It is a site where you sell Vintage, Handmade or supplies...and I hsve a ton of Vintage - and supplies.
My first attempt to list something on my shop page, was discouraging and frustrating. I am not a techi and I don't want to be but I have learned a few things with PSE7. I was frustrated because I couldn't get the photos to come out without being blurry. I searched and researched Etsy to find some help but found only a little. Daughter, Colette and her husband to the rescue. Warren gave me a different pixel to use than one I was using and I found the 'sharpen image' on my PSE7 so that took care of the photo problem.
After I had downloaded a couple of items for sale, I realized that I needed to find a way to market my store. The only thing I hate worse than Techi stuff is Marketing!
Colette to the rescue again. She offered to do it for me, so now she is my Marketing Chief Executive.
I had prayed and prayed through my frustration and Sunday, I felt God was giving me a Word. 'Take heart - it will come to pass.'
Yesterday, after church, I shot a whole bunch of photos and this morning I posted 7 items on Etsy.
Thank you all who have looked and commented. I am really going to celebrate when I have my first sale.

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