Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quilts wrap you in Love

Quilt no.1 is the first quilt I made in 1989. It is a Lap Quilt and I still love to be wrapped in it.

Quilt no.2 is a quilt my daughter Cathron made for me of my first two grandsons. My oldest grandson's hands are very dear to me as Stephen has gone home to be with the Lord. This quilt holds a lot of love.

Quilt no.3 is one I bought at an estate sale for $5.00. This corner is about the only part of the quilt that looks decent. I have it spilling out of an antique basket in a ceiling high area between my kitchen and dining room. It brings a warm, loving feel to my home.

Quilt no.4 is a lap quilt that my sister, 3 daughters, and 2 nieces each made a block to exchange with each other then we each made our squares into a lap quilt. Even though we all have the same 7 squares, each one looks different but all speak of our love for each other.

And lately I have been making tags and cards from old quilts.
These I have for sale on my allthingshomey.etsy shop. 

Also I have been making fabric swatch tags. The examples below are free for you to download and print.
Just click on the picture, then right click to download and save to your computer or print.

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Sally S Swift!