Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrift Store Bonanza

I recently rediscovered a local thrift store that sells their merchandise by the pound. Everything there is in disarray and piled in crates and bins. You really have to be a thrift store groupie to want to go there because it's dirty and the majority of people there would just as soon knock you over to get at items they want.

Well then, why on earth would I want to go...because I can get a buggy full of merchandise for pennies per item or the whole buggy full for less about $8.00

On one of my recent visits I remembered to take my camera so I could record my weekly shopping trip. Many items I have already sold on my Etsy shops or from a local Antiques and Uniques shop.
The bride's hat looked a bit sad but the lace was gorgeous when removed.
In the buggy were paper back books, a vintage tablecloth, a rustic tin pumpkin, a grapevine wreath and other items I can't remember besides the ones pictured below..

I have already sold the tea cups and vintage scales, left.

I have also sold the creamer, sugar, the slate heart, and the small brass frames, below.

If you like treasure hunting, check out your local thrift stores. Go to: http://www.thriftstorelistings.com/ Enter your zip code, city and state and they will list all the thrift shops in your area.
If you prefer to shop on-line – check out my three Etsy shops!
Just because Holloween is around the corner, I have a free download for you. Just right click, save to your computer and print. No tricks - just treats !



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riorita said...

Great finds on the thrift store.
Success in your sales!