Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can be addictive!

Emily told me about a booklet, 'Wee Felt Folk' by Salley Mavor, she saw at Michaels. We looked it up on the internet Library and found it at the library next to her church. So off we went.Found it there and we both checked out a copy. Just looking at the booklet is a feast for the creative eye.
I started scavenging my saved goodies and had everything I needed to make my first Wee Folk except paint for the wee faces. Mine was dried out. I'm sure an organized person would cringe at all the 'stuff' I save, but they are priceless to me. I even had olde cotton pipe cleaners. Must have had them for 20 years!! It was much more fun to make these Wee Folk with my olde cotton pipe cleaners than new acrylic ones would have been.
If I get a twinge of conscience and throw some old thing away...never fails...within a few weeks that item is just what I need for something I was making. SO, now I don't throw anything away.
Back to my Wee Folk. They were easier to make that I thought they would be and a lot of fun too. When I was quite a bit younger, I loved making small things. The smaller the better. But now, my aged eyes and hands have caught up with me and it's now, the bigger the better. I am going to make my next Wee Folk not so wee and see how that goes.
The question now is, what am I going to do with these Wee Folk. Woody, my cat, has already tried to pull out the hair.

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gideonmommasita said...

Funny that you posted about this today, we tried our hand at the wee folk after lunch. I should've brought home some more of the felt. The boys want to paint their own heads, they think the ones you painted look like girls. We need to figure out how to make them bigger as well so the boys can make clothes for them, right now they are too small for them to manipulate the felt.