Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is in the air

What comes to mind when you think of Spring? I!
Flowers bursting forth from bare tree branches.
Flowers springing forth from the warming earth.
God's rhythm of nature coming alive again. The rebirth of nature after a season of winter.
Like the plants, sometimes we feel a bit dormant after a long, harsh winter. Does not your soul feel like it's renewed when you hear the birds chirping and see the trees and bushes budding forth in color.
To celebrate Spring, I have made little bursts of color in the yoyo flowers centered with vintage buttons and 'planted' in a vintage wooden spool. These may be purchased from my Etsy shop:
Or if you would like to make your own Spring bouquet, I have made kits that contain all you need to make your own. These may also be purchased from my Etsy shop.

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Sally S Swift

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