Monday, June 13, 2011

Two wasn't enough - I now have 3 Etsy Shops

I have recently resurrected my handmade calligraphy designs. It didn't seem appropriate to list them on my other two Etsy shops (allthingshhomey and treasures4ewe) so what else to do but open a third shop.


I learned to do calligraphy over 40 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I have even taught calligraphy classes but doing so was a bit frustrating because most of the students came expecting to be able to address wedding invitations after a two hour class.
In all the classes I have taught, I have noted that my best 'natural' calligraphers were male. In fact most of the best instructors are men.
Still, I love doing it and sharing an art that seems to be dying out.
Below are some samples of what you will find on

The calligraphy is a print of my original. In the Serenity Prayer, I hand illuminated the print with watercolor. In the two smaller prints, I have added hearts cut from an antique quilt and hand sewn the edges. I encourage special orders: Quotes, colors, mat colors, etc.

Take a look, and as always, comment deeply appreciated.

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